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What are amenities & common areas?

Amenities are the recreational features within the community and typically include parks, greenbelt trails, pools, lakes and playgrounds. Amenities within every Friendswood Development community are designed and implemented for the exclusive use of the residents living within that community. Common areas include the entry, boulevards, sidewalks and all other areas shared by the residents, that enhance the overall appearance of the community. The annual assessments maintain the appeal and care of these amenities and common areas, and are the responsibility of the community or homeowners association. Greenbelt trails, a term commonly heard in Friendswood Development Company communities, are paved trails that wind throughout communities which enable residents to walk, jog or bike throughout neighborhoods and enjoy convenient access to surrounding amenities.

How do builders & developers work?

New home builders are independent businesses that purchase lots or homesites from the developer, build homes and offer them for sale to the public. Friendswood Development Company does not build or sell houses and does not control the home builders who build in its communities. Builders are responsible for the final preparation of the homesites including the grading, to conform to drainage plans, house plans and specifications, all of which must conform to the applicable deed restrictions and builder guidelines set forth by the developer. Builders submit plans to the developer for review by the Architectural Control Committee and the plans are reviewed to determine whether the exterior appearance of the home is compatible with its setting, the surrounding homes, and the general appearance of the particular neighborhood and whether the plan complies with applicable square footage, setback and similar restrictions. The builder is entirely responsible for the design and construction of the house and all of its components, including lot drainage and for compliance with the local government and industry standards for residential construction.

What is a community association?

Community associations are organized by the developer to collect assessments, enforce deed restrictions, operate and maintain common areas such as pools and greenbelts, and provide services such as fire protection and trash collection. Assessment fees are billed to residents once annually and vary in amount by community location. Residents are provided with a copy of deed restrictions and other documents applicable to their prospective neighborhood when they sign a sales contract for their new home.

What are deed restrictions?

Deed restrictions, which are set in place in the planning stages of a Friendswood Development Company master-planned community, are designed to protect the integrity and long-term aesthetic appeal of the community. These restrictions maintain a uniform look throughout each neighborhood and offer residents the peace of mind that they and all of their neighbors are held accountable for issues such as the property maintenance of the exterior of their home, the care of their yard, etc. Deed restrictions also protect residents by making sure that their community maintains its character as a residential community, with all-residential development and commercial development remaining in areas designated in the community's master plan.

What is a master-planned community?

A term introduced by Friendswood Development Company to Houston more than 40 years ago, "master-planned" simply means: a community created with a concept in mind and a plan set in place. This plan or design is created at the community's inception and followed throughout its development. What it means for residents in a Friendswood Development community is that they have a clear vision of what their community will look like at its completion, and know this the day they purchase their new home. The master plan designates within the boundaries of the community, the location of residential neighborhoods or villages, the mix of that residential development, all recreation and common areas and all commercial development.

What does a developer do?

A land developer prepares undeveloped land for development, by arranging for road construction, installing sewer, water and other utility services and the construction of amenities such as greenbelts and parks. The developer is also responsible for the land plan function, preparation of detailed plans and engineering drawings, securing necessary approvals from government entities and coordination with public utility districts, utility companies and others that provide community services. In Friendswood Development communities, the developer also subjects the land to protective covenants that restrict the property to a specific use such as single-family residential, multi-family residential, office, retail, school, or other uses, and provides for architectural control and other restrictions.